Kim Griffith

The Founder

Kim Griffith is the founder of Looking Glass. She began Looking Glass out of her passion for working with leaders to help them learn, grow, and live their best lives both at work and at play. She has been coaching and training leaders for over 10 years, and now, as a certified CliftonStrengths and Everything DiSC trainer, she is excited to bring these tools to leaders and their teams.

Why Looking Glass?

The first time my husband and I visited Rome, our guide commented, “You see only what you know, so the more you know, the more you see.” She wanted us to not only look at what the buildings and city look like today, but to understand on a deeper level the reasons why. As she explained what the buildings looked like originally and the reasons for their current appearance, our view of the city evolved and everywhere we walked we saw things in a new, deeper, and more accurate perspective.

The more you know, the more you see.

The same is true for each of us. Of course we know ourselves, but do we really understand all there is to know? Do we know why we enjoy what we do, react the way we do, dislike what we do? The more we know about how we are wired, the more we see who we are and how we are in the world. The more you know, the more you see.

I love working with individuals and teams and holding up a “looking glass” for them to see how they are wired, how they can best work together, and how all aspects of work and life can be even better when we take the time to know ourselves.

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